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Quotes I have gotten 2 Chinchillas (so far) from Crystal! They are soooooo sweet!! I also got 2 hamsters from her as well. They all were well socialized with people and will let my children hold them! Quotes
Satisfied Mom

Quotes I got 2 rats from the petstore sadly 1 died and we went to get e new 1 so that zoey wouldnt be alone all they had was 1 that some1 returnered a biter! but she was onoly scaared she is no longer a biter and i think she is perfect she still has trust issues but she is loved and getting there go toulie!!! as for zoey....lil rat!! all she does is squeck till some1 any1 gets her outta that cage she is a very funny lil girl she loves any1 who with talk 2 her or get her outta the cage. my 7 yr old lil girl made me get them and i am so glad that she did they r so great!!! Quotes
happy rat owner

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