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Some pictures of our animals that have been adopted !

These animals were placed with loving families. We are so happy that these animals are being loved and care for and will never have to worrie about abused or scared or un fead again, also maybe able to forget about their past and look forward to the future with their new families!

We have adopted out many many animals and can not fit all on the site but here is a look at a few!

We have many more pics to come of fuzzys with there new famlies!

The little guy on the right was adopted by Melony!


This little guy is now named butter's! His new mommy is a loving caring girl that cares for many animals and was looking for a friend for her other rat the big guy on the left. The big guys cage mate passed away and he was very sad and she wasn't sure he was going to make it. In till butter's came into his life! They are best friends now and never part butter's has brighten up his life. Meloney adopted butter's around 2 months ago and loves him very much. Thank you very much Melony you are a life saver!


These 3 little guys were adopted by the Winkler family!


These 3 little guys are now named Radar,Remy & pizza! These 3 went to a loving home with 3 children and a new mommy and daddy! These guys were adopted about 1 month ago and are very spoiled and loved so very much! This family decided to take a chance on a rodent that they had never thought of adopting before and become attached to them very fast. The family was looking for a animal that was for there children that would grow with them and would love them with no boundaries and found that these guys were the best fit. Thank you very much to the Winkler family! Thank you Winkler family you are a life saver!


These 2 little guys were adopted by Kat!


These 2 little guys were our first males to be adopted! There names are Loki and Luke! They were adopted about 3 months ago by a woman that had a lonley male rat named silk and she decided he needed someone to play with! she adopted these two because they attached to her right away it was love at first site! They are loved and care for more then anyone could imagine. She loves them as tho they were here kids and treats them as tho they are! Thank you very much Kat! Thank you kat you are a life saver!



Paco just got a home today!


Paco was adopted today by a great girl named autumn. Know that this little boy had a hard life and is in need of training because he nipps when he is excited. She still decided to give this loving guy a forever home! We know he will be loved and cared for the way this misfit really needs. Thank you Autumn you are a life saver!

Keebie was adopted 3 weeks ago!


keebie was adopted by Raymond! She is loved and spoiled more then anyone could think of. He comes home everyday and she is waiting at her cage for him.  She loves her owner and has the life she deserves! We keep in touch and we always get pics so i will keep them on the site. Thank you raymond you are a life saver!


Percy was adopted 4/10 by kristen!


Till we are able to get a pic Kristens roomate drew this kinda vute huh lol! Kristen is a vet student at virgina tech! She waited to weeks for her new little boy instead of just going to a pet store and buying a breeder made rat! This is a animal lover to have a friend drive 4 hours to pick up her new baby boy well and dam good friend also cant leave her out lol. Kristen is truly a new rattie mommy the baby has already gone to the vet for his check up and is already spoiled like no other! Thank you Kristen! You are a lifesaver!

Today the Winkler family returned and adopted 2 more baby boys!

Mushu is the little guy on the top and tuxs is the little boy on the bottom! The Winkler family has adopted 5 loving baby boys from us! They are truly a loving family that lave there pets like children lol. These kids are loved and cared for so well that no one could ask for anything more whole family even the kids are so loving and caring we have truly made a perfect match. Thank you Winkler family for loving these animals so much!



Bergamot, Harper!


 Bergamot is on the top and Harper is the bottom! These two boys found a home with Shay! He is a great guy that is in college and wanted a fuzzy friend to study with him at night! He comes home every day excited to see his babys! Mr Harper loves to steal Shays scarfs and put them in a pile! He always seems to know which ones are the colorful ones lol! Bergamot is the one that loves to get out of his cage and run all over intill he gets so tired he finds a blankey and pass out! Shay is a sweet loving guy and loves these baby so much! Thank you shay for loving these boys and giving them a furever home!




Sophie with her new sister and family!


Shopie is the little girl on the left! She is with her new sister Tiki! Shopie was adopted by Requel and Will! They are a wonder couple that was looking for a friend for there new rattie tiki! They had done alot of research to make sure they would be wonderful parents to a rattie. they went searching for a long time for someone that would just give them a single baby. Well now that Sophie and Tiki are together they are best friends and do not like to be apart! Requal and will are great rattie parents and are wonderful friends to us now also! Thank you for being life savers!

Squeekers Found a wonderful home!


Our sweet girl was adopted by Hans Merki today! He is a wonderful man that was looking for a new rattie so his other rattie girl did not have to be alone anymore! Her sister past away this last summer :( She was loved very much! Mr Merki and his girl friend were very special and we know our little girl will be well taken care off!  Thank you for being a life saver!


Bun Bun was adopted by the Cash Family


Billy and Danielle cash Adopted Bun Bun on 12/27/10! They are a wonderful family with lots of love to give! Bun Bun is a unique bunny she is more like a dog. They love Bun Bun so much that she sleeps with them and she doesn't have a cage! She has the run of the house and she is very very spoiled! We are so happy that Bun Bun has found such a loving family. She is just like another child to them!

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