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Our mission is to help as many animals as we can, from sick and elderly animals that need a loving forever home with us to animals that just need a place to be loved until we find their forever homes. Since we can only take in a limited amount of animals we still offer to help others find their family members a home. We are family run and all of our rescues become a part of our family!

 We accept such animals as Rat's, Chinchilla's, Sugar Gliders and other exotics.

Please enjoy the site! Feel free to become a member. The site is under construction but will be finished soon. Thank you!

 " Until one has loved a animal, apart of ones soul remains unawakened" - Anatole (Frence novelist.

This is the "late" Butters RIP my Love. 4/10/09-3-17-10

 This Little girl is the reason that we started this rescue. With the death of this little angel we hope to open the eyes of everyone we can. These animals are the most loving, caring, and wonderful creatures on the planet.




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